What the grant will provide

The grant will underwrite two years of fieldwork for each field school. This is conceived as three or four weeks in the field, in two consecutive summers. Some field schools might propose additional staff time, either in advance for preparation or after for report preparation. The plan could also offer shorter options for some students, such as a one-week term or short workshops for the community.

The grant will provide funding for the team leaders and stipends for students, and the program should be designed so that all students participate at no cost to themselves. It is the intention of the program to cover all of the costs for students to attend the field school and to provide a stipend during the period of the field school.

The grant may also fund any of the following expenses:

  • -          Room and board
  • -          Transportation to the site
  • -          Costs of the fieldwork, such as supplies and equipment, and transportation on site
  • -          Contributions to support the preservation of the site and for access to it
  • -          Costs associated with community engagement, including publication.

Some of these items might be donated or funded through other sources, as specified in individual proposals. The grant can provide up to $125,000 per session. Click here for sample budgets on the FAQ page.

N.B. - Tuition and course credit, if desired, are the responsibility of the student and/or the field school director. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation does not cover tuition costs, and college/university applicants should bear this in mind when planning their programs. If institutional support requires student registration, applicants should be prepared to waive any costs. Students who require course credit will arrange that individually, though some field schools may choose to offer opportunities for credit.

The University of Virginia, as the recipient of the grant, is responsible for all expenditures and budgetary considerations related to the grant. The University of Virginia will enter into a formal agreement with each field school.

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