Application Process

Applications to participate in the VAF field school program focus primarily on an evaluation of the applicant team’s skills and experience, the quality of the field school and community engagement proposed, and the pedagogical quality of the site proposed. The application solicits information about each team, the local community partner, the site, research and pedagogical goals, and the nature of support to the field school.

VAF’s Advisory Committee will review the applications to select a short list of potential field schools. With assistance from UVa, the Committee will then proceed to negotiate the field school budgets, schedules, and other details of administration. Depending on the results of these negotiations, the Advisory Committee may invite additional applications in 2022 or 2023.

Interested individuals and teams should contact the committee in advance of their application for assistance from the committee in clarifying expectations for the application and options for field school programing and administration. They will then be assigned a Dropbox folder for sharing information about the grant and submitting the elements of their application.

Please refer to Items Required for Application to insure a complete application.


May 1 to August 15, 2021   Interested individuals and teams should contact the program for assistance in clarifying expectations

August 15, 2021                   Applications must be uploaded to the appropriate Dropbox

September 15,  2021           The Advisory Committee will initiate conversations with selected applicants.

November 1,  2021              The Advisory Committee will notify all applicants of its decision.

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