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Annual Conferences

Past Conferences

Each year in May or June, hundreds of VAF members assemble somewhere on the continent for an annual conference. At least two days are devoted to touring the area to learn first-hand about its architectural heritage in a local or regional context. A juried paper session is also provided to give members a forum for their scholarship and field work. In addition, workshops, board and committee meetings, special events and excursions are scheduled to create an enjoyable and memorable event. Past meetings have been held through out North America (see list below).

1980 Washington, D. C.
1981 Sturbridge, MA
1982 Winston-Salem, NC
1983 Madison, Wisconsin
1984 Newark, DE
1985 San Francisco, CA
1986 Upstate New York
1987 Salt Lake City, UT
1988 Staunton, VA
1989 St. Louis, MO
1990 Lexington, KY
1991 Sante Fe, NM
1992 Portsmouth, NH
1993 Natchez, MS
1994 Charleston, SC
1995 Ottawa, Canada
1996 Lawrence, KS
1997 Portland, OR
1998 Annapolis, MD
1999 Columbus, GA
2000 Duluth, MN
2001 Newport, RI
2002 Williamsburg, VA
2003 St-Pierre et Miquelon, France (Off the coast of Canada)
2004 Harrisburg, PA
2005 Tucson, AZ (archived site)
2006 New York City, NY
2007 Savannah, GA (archived site)
2008 Fresno, CA
2009 Butte, MT
2010 Washington, DC
2011 Falmouth, Jamaica
2012 Madison, Wisconsin
2013 Gaspé-Percé, Quebec, Canada